Instant Rewards & How To Get Started

I had wanted to do a home based business for awhile. I prayed for something that would be easy & make a good amount. Someone from Facebook sent this to me. The first time I didn’t pay any attention but I did the 2nd time.

Short version ….Simply put you are getting paid $90 PER PERSON you get to complete a few low cost trial offers online by simply pasting your link wherever and however you want or spreading the word once you have yourself completed a few trial offers to qualify yourself.

It is THAT EASY!!!    Ready to begin?!?!

This company is AWESOME!!!  It is QUICK AND EASY MONEY!!! And only 3 easy steps!

BASICALLY these big companies are paying us to advertise for them and when I say advertise I mean we get paid just to simply post ads like I am doing on FB. It’s a way for them to advertise one person at a time.

Step 1 & 2 – You go to enter info . . . and start the trials for Starter & 60. You will have to have a credit card or debit card to use for the trials so they can verify who you are. And please no PO Boxes!

You make $90 per person plus 5% on who they sign up to level 2. It will take you about 1 trial in Starter & about 6 trials in 60.

Step 3 – Will be to set up your own capture page like mine where you can direct people

Simple as that!!! Even if they cancel their trial the next day the money is still yours. Now if they want to start making money they have to keep the trial offer for 80% of the time, but they can start making money same as you as soon as they are finished entering their info for the trial offers.

I knew there was a way to use the internet to make money, I just wasn’t sure how! This is NO RISK and such a small start up of about $5 depending on the trials you choose.

To get started just go to to get started.

I will send you emails to get you through the 3 Steps one at a time. So after you have signed up & do your one trial under Starter, I will send you an email for Step 2 – trials for 60 & then Step 3 – how to set up your capture page.


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